Reading groups are weekly organized to initiate discussion on papers describing state-of-the-art computer vision methods, published mainly at the major conferences ICCV, ECCV and CVPR. After starting the reading group in 2008 for the Virtual Habitat Group, it was re-organized in March 2012, now integrating members of other ICG groups like Aerial Vision and Learning, Recognition, and Surveillance. All our insights gained during the reading groups are summarized into a main document per RG (Summaries are available on request). The Latex style file for summaries can be downloaded as Zip.

Paper List starting March 2012

  1. Shape-based Object Recognition in Videos Using 3D Synthetic Object Models Toshev, Makadia and Daniilidis, CVPR 2010
  2. Learning Equivariant Structured Output SVM Regressors Vedaldi, Blaschko and Zisserman, ICCV 2011
  3. From Learning Models of Natural Image Patches to Whole Image Restoration Zoran and Weiss, ICCV 2011
  4. A String of Feature Graphs Model for Recognition of Complex Activities Gaur, Zhu, Song and Roy-Chowdhury, ICCV 2011
  5. Power Iteration Clustering Lin and Cohen, ICML 2010
  6. Contour-Based Joint Clustering of Multiple Segmentations Daniel Glasner Vitaladevuni and Basri, CVPR 2011
  7. Low Bit Rate ROI Based Video Coding for HDTV Aerial Surveillance Video Sequences Meuel, Munderloh, Ostermann, WAVP 2011
  8. Curvature Regularity for Region-based Image Segmentation and Inpainting Schoenemann, Kahl and Cremers, ICCV 2009
  9. PRISM: PRincipled Implicit Shape Model Lehmann, Leibe and Van Gool, BMVC 2009
  10. Large Margin Multi-Task Metric Learning Parameswaran and Weinberger, NIPS 2010
  11. Entangled Decision Forests and their Application for Semantic Segmentation of CT Images Montillo et al, IPMI 2011
  12. Efficient Region Search Vijayanarasimhan and Grauman, CVPR 2011
  13. Viewpoint-Aware Object Detection and Pose Estimation Glasner et al, ICCV 2011
  14. The power of comparative reasoning Yagnik et al, CVPR 2011
  15. Distribution Fields for Tracking Lara and Learned Miller, CVPR 2012
  16. Efficient Discriminative Learning of Parametric Nearest Neighbor Classifiers Zhang et al, CVPR 2012
  17. Decision Tree Fields Nowozin et al, ICCV 2011
  18. Locally Linear SVM Ladicky et al, ICML 2011
  19. Collection Flow Kemelmacher-Shlizerman and Seitz, CVPR 2012
  20. Model Recommendation for Action Recognition Matikainen et al, CVPR 2012
  21. Efficient Additive Kernels via Explicit Feature Maps Vedaldi and Zisserman, CVPR 2010
  22. Learning A Mixture of Sparse Distance Metrics for Classification and Dimensionality Reduction Hong et al, ICCV 2011
  23. Robust People Tracking with Global Trajectory Optimization Berclaz Francois et al, CVPR 2006
  24. Coherency Sensitive Hashing Korman and Avidan, ICCV 2011
  25. Multi-view 3D Human Pose Estimation Hofmann and Gavrila, CVPR 2009
  26. Higher-Order Clique Reduction in Binary Graph Cut Ishikawa, CVPR 2009
  27. Classification Using Intersection Kernel Support Vector Machines is efficient Maji et al, CVPR 2008
  28. Metric Learning to Rank McFee et al, ICML 2010
  29. Spatial pyramid Matching using sparse coding Yang et al, CVPR 2009
  30. The Vitruvian Manifold? Taylor et al, CVPR 2012
  31. Model Recommendation for Action Recognition Matikainen etal, CVPR 2012
  32. Regression Tree Fields - An Efficient, Non-parametric Approach to Image Labeling Problems Jancsary et al, CVPR 2012
  33. Unsupervised Discovery of Mid-Level Discriminative Patches Singh et al, ECCV 2012
  34. Structured Image Segmentation using Kernelized Features Lucchi et al, ECCV 2012
  35. Patch Based Synthesis for Single Depth Image Super-Resolution Aodha et al, ECCV 2012
  36. What Makes a Good Detector - Structured Priors for Learning from Few Examples Gao et al, ECCV 2012
  37. Statistics of Patch Offsets for Image Completion He et al, ECCV 2012
  38. Continuous Markov Random Fields for Robust Stereo Estimation Yamaguchi et al, ECCV 2012
  39. On Defence of Negative Mining for Annotating Weakly Labeled Data Siva et al, ECCV 2012
  40. 6D pose estimation of textureless shiny objects using random ferns for bin-picking Rodrigues et al, IROS 2012
  41. Globally Consistent Depth Labeling of 4D Lightfields Wanner et al, CVPR 2012
  42. Segmentation Propagation in ImageNet Kuettel et al, ECCV 2012
  43. Fast Image Search for Learned Metrics Jain et al, CVPR 2008
  44. Face Detection, Pose Estimation, and Landmark Localization in the Wild Zhu et al, CVPR 2012
  45. Shape Sharing for Object Segmentation Kim et al, ECCV 2012
  46. Efficient Dense Scene Flow from Sparse or Dense Stereo Data Wedel et al, ECCV 2008
  47. Simultaneous Monocular 2D Segmentation, 3D Pose Recovery and 3D Reconstruction Prisacariu et al, ACCV 2012

Paper List January 2008 - March 2012

  1. Semantic Texton Forests for Image Categorization and Segmentation Jamie Shotton, Matthew Johnson, Roberto Cipolla, CVPR 2008:
  2. Image Classification using Random Trees and Ferns Anna Bosch, Andrew Zisserman, Xavier Munoz, ICCV 2007:
  3. Small Codes and Large Image Databases for Recognition Antonio Torralba, Rob Fergus, Yair Weiss, CVPR 2008:
  4. Matching Local Self-Similarities across Images and Video Eli Shechtman, Michal Irani, CVPR 2007:
  5. Matching Images Under Unstable Segmentations Varsha Hedau, Himanshu Arora, Narendra Ahuja, CVPR 2008:
  6. Object Localization by Efficient Subwindow Search Christoph H. Lampert, Matthew B. Blaschko, Thomas Hofmann, CVPR 2008:
  7. Effciently Combining Contour and Texture Cues for Object Recognition Jamie Shotton, Andrew Blake, Roberto Cipolla, BVMVC 2008:
  8. 3D Model Matching with Viewpoint-Invariant Patches Changchang Wu, Brian Clipp, Jan-Michael Frahm, Marc Pollefeys, CVPR 2008:
  9. 3D generic object categorization, localization and pose estimation Silvio Savarese, Li Fei-Fei. ICCV 2007:
  10. Localizing Objects With Smart Dictionaries Brian Fulkerson, Andrea Vedaldi, Stefano Soatto, ECCV 2008:
  11. Constructing Category Hierarchies for Visual Recognition Marcin Marszalek, Cordelia Schmid, ECCV 2008:
  12. Continuous Dynamic Time Warping Mario Enrique Munich, Pietro Perona, ICCV 2009:
  13. CatHeadDetection Weiwei Zhang, Jian Sun, Xiaoou Tang, ECCV 2008
  14. Auto-context and Its Application to High-level Vision Tasks Zhuowen Tu, CVPR 2008
  15. Cross-View Action Recognition from Temporal Self-Similarities Imran Junejo, Ivan Laptev, Patrick Perez, ECCV 2008:
  16. Object Recognition by Integrating Multiple Image Segmentations Caroline Pantofaru, Cordelia Schmid, Martial Herbert, ECCV 2008:
  17. Robust Real-Time Visual Tracking using Pixel-Wise Posteriors, Charles Bibby, Ian Reid, ECCV 2008:
  18. A Discriminatively Trained, Multiscale, Deformable Part Model Pedro F. Felzenszwalb, David McAllester, Deva Ramanan, ECCV 2008:
  19. Segmentation_Averaging, Hongzhi Wang, John Oliensis, ECCV 2008:
  20. Learning Spatial Context: Using Stuff to Find Things Geremy Heitz, Daphne Koller, ECCV 2008:
  21. Clustering by Passing Messages Between Data Points Brendan J. Frey and Delbert Dueck, Science Feb. 2007:
  22. Efficient Mean Shift Belief Propagation for Vision Tracking Parl, Liu, Collins CVPR 2008:
  23. Object in Context Rabinovich, Vedaldi, Galleguillos, Wiewiora, Belongie, ICCV 2007.
  24. Linear Solution to Scale and Rotation Invariant Object Matching Hao Jiang and Stella X. Yu, CVPR 2009.
  25. Class-Specific Hough Forests for Object Detection Juergen Gall and Victor Lempitsky, CVPR 2009.
  26. Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior Kaiming He and Jian Sun and Xiaoou Tang, CVPR 2009.
  27. What is a camera? Jean Ponce, CVPR 2009.
  28. Saliency-based Discriminant Tracking Mahadevan, Vasconcelos CVPR 2009
  29. Real-Time Learning of Accurate Patch Rectification Hinterstoisser, Kutter, Navab, Fua, Lepetit, CVPR 2009.
  30. On the burstiness of visual elements Jegou, Douze, Schmid, CVPR 2009.
  31. Piecewise Planar Stereo for Image-based Rendering Sinha, Steedly, Szeliski, ICCV 2009
  32. Shape Guided Contour Grouping with Particle Filters Longin, Latecki, Adluru, Yang, Ling, CVPR 2009
  33. Recognition using regions Gu, Lim, Arbelaez, Malik, CVPR 2009.
  34. A tensor based algorithm for high order graph matching Duchenne, Bach, Kweon, Ponce,CVPR 2009.
  35. Beyond local appearance: category recognition from pairwise interactions of simple features Leordeanu, Hebert and Sukthankar,CVPR 2007
  36. Shape of Gaussians as Feature Descriptors Gong, Wang and Liu, CVPR 2009
  37. Shape Band: A Deformable Object Detection Approach Bai, Li, Latecki, Liu and Tu, CVPR 2009
  38. Mode-Detection via Median-Shift Shapira, Avidan and Shamir, ICCV 2009
  39. Context by Region Ancestry Lim, Arbelaez, Gu and Malik, ICCV 2009
  40. Distance Transform Templates for Object Detection and Pose Estimation Holzer, Hinterstoisser, Ilic, Navab, CVPR 2009
  41. Discriminative models for multi-class object layout Desai, Ramanan, Fowlkes, ICCV 2009
  42. Decomposing a Scene into Geometric and Semantically Consistent Regions Gould, Fulton, Koller, ICCV 2009
  43. Automatic Learning and Extraction of Multi-Local Features Danielsson, Carlsson, Sullivan, ICCV 2009
  44. Building Rome in a Day Agarwal Snavely, Simon, Seitz, Szeliski, ICCV 2009
  45. Wide-Baseline Matching using line features Wang, Neumann, You, ICCV 2009
  46. Top-Down Color Attention for Object Recognition Khan, de Weijer, Vanrell, ICCV 2009
  47. Similarity Metrics for Categorization: from Monolithic to Category Specific Babenko, Branson, Belongie, ICCV 2009
  48. Unsupervised Learning of High-order Structural Semantics from Images Gao, Hu, Liu, Yang, ICCV 2009
  49. Spatio-temporal Relationship Match: Video Structure Comparison for Recognition of Human Activities Ryoo, Aggarwal, ICCV 2009
  50. Image Segmentation with a Bounding Box Prior Lempitsky, Kohli, Rother, Sharp, ICCV 2009
  51. Compact Signatures for High-speed Interest Point Description and Matchingr Calonder, Lepetit, Fua, Konolige, ICCV 2009
  52. Using Cloud Shadows to Infer Scene Structure and Camera Calibration Jacobs, Bies, Pless, CVPR 2010
  53. Live Dense Reconstruction with a Single Moving Camera Newcombe, Davison, CVPR 2010
  54. Detecting and Parsing Architecture at City Scale from Range Data Toshev, Mordohai, Taskar, CVPR 2010
  55. Outlier Removal Using Duality Olsson, Eriksson, Hartley, CVPR 2010
  56. On Detection of Multiple Object Instances using Hough Transforms Barinova, Lempitsky, Kohli, CVPR 2010
  57. Learning Full Pairwise Affinities for Spectral Segmentation Kim, Lee, Lee, CVPR 2010
  58. Learning Visual Similarity Measures for Comparing Never Seen Objects Nowak, Jurie, CVPR 2007
  59. Layered Object Detection for Multi-Class Segmentation Yang, Hallman, Ramanan, Fowlkes, CVPR 2010
  60. Robust Multiple Structures Estimation with J-linkage Toldo, Fusiello, ECCV 2008
  61. Discriminant Embedding for Local Image Descriptors Hua, Brown, Winder, ICCV 2007
  62. Person Re-identification by Probabilistic Relative Distance Comparison Zheng, Gong, Xiang, CVPR 2011
  63. Fast Cost-Volume Filtering for Visual Correspondance and Beyond Rhemann, Hosni, Bleyer, Rother and Gelautz, CVPR 2011